Zazie Muhaba (FHD)

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He is the Boxing nigga African fighter, its an excellent keepaway and rushdown mixed character with long pokes and good speed.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Light Punch

Standing (Far) -

Standing (Close) -

Crouching -

Jumping - Great jump in with solid priority.

Jumping (Neutral) -

Strong Punch

Standing (Far) -

Standing (Close) -

Crouching -

Jumping -

Jumping (Neutral) -

Light Kick

Standing (Far) - Incredible poke. Quick with outstanding range, you're going to be using this very much.

Standing (Close) - See above.

Crouching -

Jumping -

Jumping (Neutral) - lol

Strong Kick

Standing (Far) -

Standing (Close) -

Crouching -

Jumping -

Jumping (Neutral) -


Special Moves

Vulcan Hook

  • Rapidly tap Punch

Spam it wisely for corner pressure or keeepaway.

Chozaku Vulcan Hook

  • Rapidly tap ABCD

Its the short version for the special of above

Hellfire Half Circle Fwd + Punch

Your main anti air in the game and combo ender for middle and low zone attacks.

Tip: Ducking To Hellfire can be done with the motion F,HCF K~P


  • Forward, Forward + Kick

Step Back

  • Forward, Back + Kick
    • Note: Ducking and Step Back are not offensive moves. They are evasive moves,which will pass through projectiles and other attacks

Super Move


  • Up, Down + Kick

Probably the best overhead in the game, it varies with the strenght of the kick, Weak kick its faster and with short range, Strong one its like from Anti Air to Overhead with slow and long range.

The Basics

Ducking into HellFire is a staple. The timing is tricky, but you're unstoppable to most opponents when doing this. You can also do a chain like -> Ducking -> Hellfire.

Zazie its a big hitbox character that is a power striker with poking and medium zoning strategies, you have excellent normals for pokes and combos, anyway your main con will be about beign a good crossup punching bag and a riskful due to your high weak point.


  • cr.WP x N xx 100 Fists
  • j.WK, cl.SP xx Fire Axe Kick or Flame Uppercut
  • j.SK, cl.SP xx ABCD

Advanced Strategy

Your main objective about ducking will vary depending on the projectile-or-not and also height and speed, but watch out with their crossups.


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